Activity and Playgrounds

We love the outdoors and playtime! Fresh air and exercise play are an important role in the children’s physical and emotional development. Our Kiddie Kampus children enjoy physical activity both inside and outside.

Indoor Play

Kiddie Kampus has two indoor activity rooms designed for movement and fun. 

The Tumble Jungle allows children to run and climb in a soft environment. This space is designed to enhance and encourage large motor coordination, specifically for our Infants, Woddlers and Toddlers. 


The Large Gym Room is available to all age groups and allows ample space for exciting activities and games. Dancing, indoor ball play and wall climbers, a balance beam and an indoor jungle gym provide large motor development. Physical education is an important aspect of our curriculum. Animal Murals on the walls add to the excitement the children find in this space.

Outdoor Play

Outdoor activities have an important role in a child’s growth and development. Children enjoy playground time daily. Kiddie Kampus has three spacious, age-appropriate playgrounds:


Infant Area: An artificial turf surface with swings, climbers and rockers.

Woddler/Toddler Play Area: Shock-absorbing surface and equipment for climbing, swinging and running.

Preschool/Graduate Play area: A soft surface is provided for our climbers, swings, circle cycle and rock wall. A hard surface provides space for scooters and basketball with plenty of space for team games                                                                                        and water play.